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Regal Faux Wood - Vertical Blinds

Looking for a wood vertical blind, but don't want to pay 'wood blind prices'? Or are you attempting to complete the look of your room by matching your horizontal and vertical shades?



Look no further, our line of Regal Faux Wood Vertical Blinds uses the latest technology to produce vibrant stains that look like real wood.



Order a sample today and you won't believe your eyes! 

Production Times: 5-7 business days + 3-5 business days for shipping.

Shipping Rate: FREE



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Vertical Blind Measuring & Ordering Instructions
Selecting the Type of Mounting:
Determine whether the blind is going to be installed inside the window frame or outside the window
Inside Mount (IB):
Inside mount installations are often preferred because the blinds take up less space in the room.
Measuring the Width and the Length for Inside Mount:
For the width, measure across the top, middle, and bottom of the window opening.  Using the
narrowest dimension, measure to the nearest 1/8”.  By using the narrowest measurement the blind will
operate correctly.  
For the length, measure the up and down dimension on the left, center, and right side.  Use the shortest
length measurement, measuring to the nearest 1/8”.
The factory will make any appropriate deductions.  Do not make any width or length deductions.  
Outside Mount (OB):
Outside mount installations are mounted on the wall or on the window molding.  It is best to overlap
the window opening at least 3” on each side when measuring for vertical blinds.
Measuring the Width and the Length for Outside Mount:
Measure the area that the blind is to cover.  For vertical blinds it is recommended to overlap the
window opening by at least 3” on each side for a total of 6”.  To allow for enough space for the
mounting brackets, it is also suggested that a vertical blind be installed at least 3” above the window
Note:  When outside mount blinds are specified, no factory deductions are taken. 
Confirming Measurements:
The most common error in ordering blinds is reversing the width and the length measurements. 
Always confirm that the width is the measurement that goes across from left to right and that the
length is the measurement that goes from top to bottom.  

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Select a color

Step 1: Select a color

Select a Color:
Select a Size and Mount

Step 2: Select a Size and Mount

Select Width in inches [min: 12, max: 191]

Select Height in inches [min: 12, max: 144]

Mount Type: What's This?

Measuring Instructions
Inside Mount: Provide the measurements of the inside of your window recess. NOT the size you want the blind.
Outside Mount:
Provide the width and height you need the blind/shade to cover.
Click here for detailed measuring instructions.

Select Controls

Step 3: Select Controls

Control Location     What's This?

Tilter mechanism     What's This?

Stack direction     What's This?

Valance Included     What's This?

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great, Tuesday, September 01, 2015

5 Stars

I like so far

Do It Yourself, Friday, September 19, 2014

5 Stars
Almelia Brooks

I saved so much money, measuring and ordering my blinds myself. Payless made everything so easy to order.

Once we figured out how to install them, we loved them!, Monday, August 11, 2014

5 Stars
Irene Sankey

The instructions online were confusing. It never tells us to drill through the valance. You really need to add detailed instructions to the package. Also, tell how to install the controls. Otherwise I love them. they're better than we expected.

Questions & Answers

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I wanted to clarify the stack direction and control location before I order my verticals. I think I messed this up on a previous order. I have a sliding glass door where the door panel on the right opens. I would like the stack of blinds to go to the left. I'm assuming I would choose left for stack direction and control location?''Thank you


Hi, If you choose 'left-stack' then that would typically be the appropriate choice for a door that opens on the right. Thus, when the shade is fully closed, and then opened, it will move from the right to left, and when fully open will be 'stacked' on the left. As for the control location, it could be in either location, but you may want to choose 'right' so that you can control your blinds and open your sliding glass door from the same location. But, with the controls you can certainly choose wherever is most convenient.


I am interested in the faux wood vertical blinds, but want maximum room darkening. What is the room darkening on the regal faux wood vertical blinds?


Our Regal Fauxwood Vertical Blinds are naturally "room darkening". I would highly recommend you order some free samples on our website (10 samples max) to get a feel for the texture/effect of the product.


How wide are the vertical blind patio door slats?


They are 2 1/2".


I would like to know what the material is the track made from? And also the slats where you hang the blind from? I do not want plastic it breaks to fast.


Our Regal Fabric Vertical Blinds function with a heavy-duty metal track system with automatic vane realignment. The headrail itself is made of durable aluminum.

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