Mount Type - Roller Shades

Mount Type

This refers to the way your window treatments will attach to your window. Inside mounted shades are meant to be installed inside your window frame. You will provide us the size of your window recess and we will take deductions on the size of of your window treatment so that it fits correctly in your window frame. Notice that with roller shades that the fabric will be smaller than your roller so a gap may exist that lets in light.

For an outside mount measurement the shade will be attached to your wall, doors or trim. The fabric will be less wide than the roller so you should ensure that the roller is wider than the window that you want to cover. For precise instructions please refer to the specification for the window treatment that you are ordering.

Please refer to the measurement instructions or contact us if you are not clear on how to approach this because providing us with the correct size is essential in having a window treatment that fits perfectly.