Tilter mechanism
You have two options for the way to operate your vertical blinds. The standard is to use a cord which is actually a cord and a chain. The cord is used to stack the vanes of your blinds and the chain is used to change the angulation or tilt of your blinds. This is the only option available if you choose a split stack.

If you choose a left or right stack, you can order (for a surcharge) the wand tilt mechanism. The wand will be white and located on the opposite side of your blinds from your stack direction, and the same wand you use to change the angulation or tilt of your vertical blinds will be used to stack the blinds by dragging it in the stack direction. So if, for example, you select a left stack, your wand will be located on the right side of the vertical blinds, and you would drag the wand tilter to the left in order to stack the vanes.