Frame Type

Trim frames are not fully recessed in the window opening. This type frame will wrap around the front of the opening and provide a frame for the window. This will eliminate light gaps and provide a custom fit. We recommend this for most Inside Mount applications.

L-frames (inside mount) - fully recessed in the window opening. Ideal for windows with decorative trim or uneven outer surfaces like textured walls that prevents the use of a trim frame. Please note windows that are not square will require caulk. (not included with your order)

L-frames (outside mount) - installed on 2" of flat mounting surface on the area surrounding the window. Recommended for applications where an inside mount is not possible due to insufficient window depth, inward tilting windows, or other obstructions.

Hanging Strips (inside mount) - hidden supports that attach to your shutter panel. These are ordered in place of a full frame when your window has pre-existing trim or a frame is not desired. This is generally more difficult to install, and does not provide the forgiveness that a frame option provides.