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Advantage 9/16" Cordless Blackout Cellular Shades

Our Advantage 9/16" Blackout Cordless Cellular Shades are the perfect choice if  safety or ease of use are a primary concern. Because there are no cords on these shades, they are an excellent choice if you have children in the home. Moreover, they offer excellent insulation problems and the block out the light. These are a wonderful choice for a bedroom, bathroom, TV room or anywhere where you want to blockout the light, which of course saves on summer heating bills. This shade is a great insulator in the winter too, as its honeycombs trap cold air.

Our Advantage Cell Shades have a unique construction with improved thermal insulation due to larger 1 1/2" honeycomb shaped cells, which is a 41% energy-saving factor.  Whether you choose the light filtering or blackout version there will be no dramatic differences in color appearance because the same material is used on the face of both.  Unlike other versions of blackout shades, the Advantage Blackout shades are only metallized on the inside back portion.  This innovation is wonderful for those of you who want uniformity throughout the home-perhaps selecting the room darkening for a bedroom and the light filtering for the kitchen for example.  All of these shades will be white to the street no matter which color you choose to correlate with your decor.  A semi-gloss finish steel headrail and bottom rail will be color coordinated to match the shade.

Production Time: 3-5 business days + 3-5 business days for shipping.

Shipping Rate: FREE

  • Unique Honeycomb construction offers insulation and sound absorbtion
  • Does not allow light through the shade material
  • Control handle at the bottom allows for raising/lowering without touching the fabric
  • Easy Installation
  • Cordless, so it is safe for children
  • Street facing color - white
  • Comes with a color matched steel headrail.
  • Material can be dusted or vacuumed with a soft brush attachment.
  • Conforms with C.P.S.C. child safety guidelines.
*note: to ensure that no light comes through your window we recommend an outside mount with a width and height 3 to 5" greater than that of your window to minimize stray light beams coming through.
  • On mounts specified as 'inside' a slight deduction is taken on the width to ensure a proper fit.
  • For outside mounts. if you want to  minimize the that light comes through your windows we recommend  a width and height 3 to 5" greater than that of your window to minimize stray light beams coming through.
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Cellular blackout ahades, Saturday, November 5, 2016

5 Stars
Cary Davis

Love the blackout shades!

Great blinds. , Monday, October 17, 2016

5 Stars
Ray Stuck

Great blinds. The cordless feature is a must have. Easy to install.

Great for boys rooms, Tuesday, September 6, 2016

5 Stars
Tracy Wascoe Noer

Purchased cellular, black-out blinds for windows in my boys' rooms. Instruction on measuring was really easy and the window treatments are perfect.

Questions & Answers

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I have vinyl windows and would like to mount these inside the frame. Is there an option for a spring loaded mount, or perhaps a mounting kit that wouldn't require me to drill through the vinyl? Thank you


We currently do not have spring loaded mounting hardware. You may be able to purchase a mounting kit from your local hardware store. Our hardware does require drilling.


Can you tell me what the depth requirement is for an inside mount for this shade? Thank you.


The minimum depth for our Advantage cell shade products is 1 3/8". For a flush fit you need a depth of at least 2".


When I ordered samples two weeks ago, these shades were available in 74" widths. What happened to those? I need 74, not 72.


I apologize for any inconvenience. However our Advantage 9/16" Blackout Cell Shades have always had a max width of 72". You may want to check out our Premier 3/8" Double Cell Blackout Shades which offer widths up to 94". I have enclosed a link below.


what is used to raise/lower these blinds? a handle or a button?


You would use the bottom rail to lift and lower the shades. There is a handle that fits onto the bottom rail that you would use.


Do these come in a top down bottom up


Unfortunately not...most of our other cell shades offer "top down/bottom up" as an option. You also may want to check out our 1/2" Home Basics Top Down-Bottom Up Cordless Cell Shades. I have enclosed a link below...


Can you mount two of these side by side?


Yes, you can certainly mount these side by side either as inside or outside mount. You will simply take the width you desire and divide in half. If it is for an inside mount, we will take the necessary deductions for you so they will not rub together when lowering and raising. The hardware can be back or top mounted too, so that you can mount them into the top of a window frame if necessary.


What is a flush mount? Do you have any cordless blackout cellular shades that could be installed in a 1" depth?


A flush mount means that the shade will be fully recessed into the framework of an inside mount. If you look at our measuring guide you can see the different minimum depth requirements on an inside mount and the flush fit requirements on an inside mount for each product. For these shades in particular you will need at least 1 3/8" of depth to mount them inside. For a flush fit you need 2". Here is a link to our measuring guide:


If I order these blackout cell shades, I need them at 73" long.....will a shade that long be too heavy to go up and down nicely when being raised or lowered? It says it doesn't have a cord or a remote, so I just want to be sure it's not going to end up falling back down from its own weight.


Sorry, but that height is not available for our cordless products. All of our cordless cellular shades are a max width and height of 72".


can these be mounted to a French door?


Yes, these shades can be mounted to a French door. We do not have hold down brackets for this product, but you can source heavy duty Velcro, to hold the bottom rail, locally. That will keep the shade from swinging back and forth when opening and closing the door. Also, you will need to make sure that you measure beyond the glass in the door to provide adequate coverage; however, do take into account door handles or other possible obstructions. Make sure that you select "outside" mount too so that the measurements will be exact.

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